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5 Things That iPhones Can’t Do

Apple being the most desired gadget on planet earth, apple is unable to do certain things, or built wise, its unit cant be updated like you can customize an android. There are still 5 things that iPhones still can’t do – features that other popular mobile phone brands have already integrated into their phones and […]

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iPhone 6 Plus: 4 ways to unlock this smartphone

Everyday millions of Apple users forget their access password. In fact, one of the most recurring doubts we can read when we enter the Internet is “how to unlock my iPhone 6 (S) or 6 Plus”. Before falling into despair, you should know that there are several ways to re-access your team. Here we will […]

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How to unlock iCloud account on iPhone easily?

An iCloud unlock is a headache for any user. Either by forgetting the password, theft or lost, the device can be totally inaccessible even for its own owner. Can you unlock an iPhone locked by iCloud? “Activation locks” are very useful because they will allow you to track your Smartphone to know its location. Nowadays, many people ask how […]

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Bitbucket permission denied: ssh add agent has no identities

Already you generated your ssh key using the below command. ssh-keygen and you entered the key in Access keys of bitbucket. But still it’s displaying Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Now what you can do?? First of all, You need to check the identities of the ssh agent using the […]

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Integrating Bootstrap 4 in Laravel 5.5 using Frontend Presets

Taylor Otwell has added new artisan in Laravel 5.5 which name is presets. We can easily integrate or update Bootstrap 4 or latest version using presets artisan. To integrate Bootstrap 4, first of all, we need to add the following package in Laravel project: Now, If you can to integrate bootstrap 4 auth using […]

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How to make animation using sprite image with AngularJS

Recently, i am searching how to make a html5 games. In past few days, i have research we can easily develop a html5 game using AngularJS & CreateJS. If you will go ng-newsletter page, you will find popular 2048 game has built in AngularJS. So AngularJS is a very powerful framework to create html5 games. […]

Drupal 8 Overview

Build a website with Drupal 8, you have to follow up in below points: Step 1: Content Management Step 1.1: Structured content types Step 1.2: Custom content types and fields Step 1.3: Categorize content with Taxonomy Step 1.4: Display Form Modes & View Modes Step 2: Site building Tools Step 2.1: Page layout with blocks […]

GIT pull/push by your own username from bitbucket.

If you will fetch a problem to push/pull by your own username. Then you think its url has with a specific username. So what you have to work first. 1. Check Remote URL by [sourcecode language=”bash”] git remote -v [/sourcecode] 2. Remove this current Remote URL by [sourcecode language=”bash”] git remote rm origin [/sourcecode] 3. […]

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How to render moodle frontpage list of courses in theme

Sometimes, we have to render enroleuser lists, course list, news lists in templates of moodle theme. Now, i show you how to render/print moodle frontpage list of courses in theme. [sourcecode language=”bash”] GLOBAL $PAGE; $courserenderer = $PAGE->get_renderer(‘core’, ‘course’); $availablecourseshtml = $courserenderer->frontpage_available_courses(); if (!empty($availablecourseshtml)) { echo html_writer::tag(‘a’, get_string(‘skipa’, ‘access’, core_text::strtolower(get_string(‘availablecourses’))), array(‘href’=>’#skipavailablecourses’, ‘class’=>’skip-block’)); //wrap frontpage course list […]

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How to synchronize two mysql database schema?

To deploy your database change from local server to live server you can easily use this script. What can do this script? 1. Transfer new table from local database to database of live server. 2. Add new fields in existing table of database. To do this, first install Schema Sync a MySQL Schema Versioning and […]