Nasir Uddin November 27, 2011 No Comments

Solved: why not works Rules Events in your Entity.

Firstly, I was created or updated database table 1.drupal_write_record 2.module_invoke_all(‘entity_insert’, $entityObj, ‘entity’); I did create or update successfully. But for this entity, Rules Events couldn’t works. I faced a problem why not works for this entity. But when i used entity_save api for creating or updating database table, then Successfully working Rules Events. When i […]

Nasir Uddin November 13, 2011 1 Comment

Solved: Rules Action "Unable to get data value"

Recently, I have developed a drupal module which based on drupal 7 entities. I developed many custom modules for drupal 6 & 7. But i never works on entities for drupal 7. Purpose of this module was integration on Views, Rules, Entity modules. I was faced many problem but now i decided to tell rules […]