Solved: no such file to load — ninesixty (LoadError) during compass compile

You can easily use 960 grid layout with your drupal adaptivetheme using sass. When you attempt to compass compile but loading error in above title, you have to install compass 960 plugin by below commands in your terminal. [sourcecode language=”bash”][/sourcecode] sudo gem install compass-960-plugin [sourcecode][/sourcecode] Thanks

How to access private files without Authentication

For drupal 7, When we create a file field for private access. So we can’t access or download this file without authentication. If sometimes we need this, you can follow my below code: [sourcecode language=”bash”] $uri = [resource_file]; // get file url if ( file_exists($uri) ) { $fileName = end(explode(‘/’, $uri)); $newUrl = ‘public://[your-file-directory]/’ . […]