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Bitbucket permission denied: ssh add agent has no identities

Already you generated your ssh key using the below command. ssh-keygen and you entered the key in Access keys of bitbucket. But still it’s displaying Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Now what you can do?? First of all, You need to check the identities of the ssh agent using the […]

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How to install xdebug in Ubuntu/Mint

Simply, Open your terminal [Ctrl + Alt + t] and type in following command: To install xdebug :[sourcecode language=”bash”] sudo aptitude install php5-xdebug[/sourcecode]

Nasir Uddin February 18, 2012 No Comments

How to install LAMP Server on Obuntu/Mint

If you are decided to install LAMP server [Apache, Mysql, Php5] on obuntu/mint , you should just open your terminal by [Ctrl + Alt + t] and type the following commands: 1. To install Apache : [sourcecode language=”bash”] sudo apt-get install apache2 [/sourcecode] 2. To install Mysql : [sourcecode language=”bash”] sudo apt-get install mysql-server [/sourcecode] […]

Creating a Virtual Host in Ubuntu

Few days ago I was working a leaflet site. After completing a version of works, i was going to live this leaflet site. But it wasn’t give me actual result as my expecting. I thought it might be problem for virtual hosts. Whatever, Now i am talking about how to create a virtual hosts on […]